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About Oregon City

Singer Hill

Oregon City was established in 1829 by Dr John McLoughlin and is the first incorporated city West of the Rockies. With the arrival of the Oregon & California Railroad, the original town grew and as a result the second tier on the steep basalt cliff received many more homes and shops. This area is now called the McLoughlin Neighborhood and in an effort to preserve its historic character is protected by local city codes. The neighborhood received the designation of a Historic Conservation District in 1986.

7th and John Adams

Harnessing the power of the Willamette Falls, Oregon City became a factory town with good paying jobs. For over 100 years, mills surrounded the falls and only recently in 2011 did the last mill in Oregon City, the Blue Heron Paper Mill, shutter it's doors. 175 employees lost their jobs.

The new owner of the 23 acre site has joined forces with local and regional government agencies to create a master plan designed to benefit both private and public interests. Read more about the Willamette Fall Legacy Project.

Along with the paper mill closure and subsequent cleaner air, the re-birth of Main Street and the growing pressure from regional growth, Oregon City is poised for a significant growth in home values and business opportunities. The historic community is well worth the investment from those seeking long term gain while living in a friendly neighborhood.

McLoughlin neighborhood volunteers doing another Saturday morning Promenade Clean-up.

If you’re good with a hammer (or not) and wish to be a part of history, consider moving to Oregon City. You’ll receive a big “John McLoughlin” welcome!


Approximate area of City: 5944 acres; 9.3 sq. miles
Highest Point: 530 feet
Lowest Point: 10 feet
Average July afternoon humidity: 62%
Average January afternoon humidity: 82%
Average Annual rainfall: 47.06"

Population 34,622 and growing